Inspired by the regal hotels established across Canada during the early days of the CPR, the Balmoral is a little castle in the big city. As the home’s design draws inspiration from Old World traditions, the interior is rich in stonework and custom millwork, and the exterior bears many specialty details such as {need examples}. Like the hotels that inspired it, the Balmoral reflects a deep appreciation for enduring craftsmanship and offers a beautiful view from every room. It also honours its medieval inspirations with an underground passageway to the detached garage.


  • A little castle in the city, inspired by the great hotels of Canada
  • An appreciation of craftsmanship, every wall of every room is a beautiful view
  • Old world traditional interior design
  • a lot of interior custom millwork and stonework
  • numerous specialty details on the exterior
  • underground walkway to detached garage


Tardar's knowledgeable staff was comprehensive and dedicated all the way through to the move-in follow up.

Barb & Mick