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Taradar Fine Homes

Taradar is an elite contruction company specializing in innovative and exceptional residential and commerical building. Since its foundation in 1997, Taradar has created our clients' dream projects by taking their inspiring ideas as well as their precise clear-cut details into consideration and making them a reality.

By being very stringent on structural design and engineering, along with engaging the most skilled team of craftspeople and high caliber suppliers, we achieve not only a magazine worthy home but one that is built to last. 


Taradar Fine Homes is a builder that can do it all, whether you need a beautiful residential home, a quality multifamily complex or a large commercial space, our values and commitment stay the same. 


Our company works with various designers which has given us the knowledge and experience with a large gamut of styles from modern to old world heritage. Your vision is our inspiration, you dream it – we build it. 


Over the years we have maintained our success with our strong ethical values and quality while keeping our clients’ budget in mind. You are not just obtaining your custom home, but you are getting it with the best quality for the best price.


We never compromise, we know what you deserve, and we settle for nothing less.  Good work is not enough for us; we always opt for perfection. Your satisfaction and vision are our priority.


It is our greatest passion to create lasting beauty, innovation and strength in each unique custom build. All Taradar projects as we like to say are “ Built Solid as a Rock”.

Let’s Work Together

206-212 Main Street

Penticton, BC V2A 5B2

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