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The Process

Below you will learn the Taradar process and what makes us different from our competition.  From the first day we meet to the years after the job is complete, we are there every step of the way.

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Behind every successful project stands its’ valuable team. Taradar starts with gathering the client and the builder together. We create the opportunity for open and smooth communication, ensuring all your questions are answered and that you feel confident in our knowledge, craftsmanship and commitment to your build.


Nothing can be more beneficial than Taradar stepping in to help with the early stages of design. We listen to and understand your ideas, and come up with the most fitting suggestions to complement and achieve your concepts, not only meeting but exceeding your goals. We provide the answers that you, the architect, or the designer are looking for.



Taradar Fine Homes is a cost-plus builder that is mindful of your funds. Now that your perfect design has reached our experts, we will prepare an all-inclusive budget for your project. We don’t let you do the math alone. We keep you updated with all trades and suppliers’ information, quotes, estimates and billing. You will receive a monthly invoice for the up-to-date completed work, as well as complete cost reports.


We never settle for less than perfect. Taradar uses a premium team of skilled trades and the finest suppliers to guarantee you the elite home you deserve. Our high standards are what sets us apart.



Our delivery is not our farewell. Taradar Fine Homes will always be there for you, even after your move in, even years down the road. We stand behind what we build! Taradar values each and every client that has entrusted us with their project, we don’t walk away from that relationship that has been built.

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