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The Conquer Project

The timeless elegance is evidence of the creativity of this beautiful home. Each detail is a masterclass in design. This roomy living space has a spectacular clean urban style. Every area is crafted in a different way, allowing you to enjoy every step.




  • Beautiful and peaceful neighbourhood with lovely front view

  • Chic and modern glass balcony

  • Catches the light during all times of day


  • Professional  custom crafted desk overlooking a riverfront view. 

  • Walnut-Coloured kitchen with a cozy family banquette across from an open living room and sitting area Also includes an in-kitchen herb garden.

  • Projection room and peaceful  reading-corner with a library

  • The bathroom is the epitome of style

  • 3 spacious bedrooms and large gym space and kids crafting area

  • Floor-to-ceiling living wall stairwell feature

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