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The Hockey Canada Project

In our commercial work, whether Multi-Family, or Corporate Enterprise, Taradar’s stringent standards of structural design, engineering and construction underpin our focus on the three dimensions that matter most to a building’s users: functionality, performance and aesthetics.

Commercial Building Project - "Winsport - Hockey Canada"

It’s an exceptional privilege and honour to be selected by Winsport - Hockey Canada to design and build custom boardrooms, outstanding offices and a true legacy piece ‘The Hall of Champions’ showcasing a collection of Hockey Canada awards and achievements from years of rich Canadian hockey history. They are a first class organization and a pleasure to work with. 


"Hockey Canada is proud of the standard that we’ve set in Hockey in our country and throughout the world. Taradar Fine Homes has built our offices and the Hall of Champions, which are second to none in the world of Hockey. It makes all of our Olympic players, both male and female, down to the grass roots players in Canada, proud to be involved in the great game of Hockey. Thank you Taradar!”

- Bob Nicholson | President & CEO, Hockey Canada


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