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The Lumiere Project

A large nostalgic home that sends you back to the middle of the French countryside. A multi-level landscape with elegant stone and brick facades.

The architectural design is a mixture of smooth and rough-cut pieces used to create a traditional look, with a typical hip-roof design featuring four sloping sides that meet in a ridge. Built for a quiet, peaceful family while still creating a friendly, welcoming, and traditional appearance. The spacious interior will make you never want to leave, yet the extensive yard will allow you to enjoy outdoor activities either alone or with loved ones.



  • French country style

  • All brick and stone

  • Very large rear deck with concrete and stone pillars



  • Travertine flooring throughout main floor and lower level

  • Hardwood throughout second floor

  • 3 story elevator & 6 fireplaces

  • Radiant heat on main floor and lower level

  • Lacquered case and base

  • Kitchen millwork is lacquered, distressed French style done on site

  • Sculptured sandstone features on main floor, great room and dining room

  • Indoor hot tub in climate controlled room

  • Designated gym area next to Spa

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