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The Paradise Point Project

The name says it all – it’s a heaven-like home and fantasy Greek myth-style property. The colours allow you to travel to a quiet, peaceful state of mind. This is a house anyone could happily call home. Enjoy a lovely fresh interior while also having a pleasant outdoor view.




  • Beautiful hilled landscape


  • Large, infinity-edge indoor pool with sand-like floor style

  • Authentic looking weathered wood features  including waterslide, pier posts and staircase

  • Gym with full glass doors enables the full view out over the pool area.

  • Sizeable counter with mini-fridge and dishwasher in the pool area

  • Class dining room and spacious kitchen with opening serving windows to the pool is accented with River Rock

  • Integrated sauna 

"Taradar has made our dream home a reality. We had some not so common ideas but they took each and every one and made our masterpiece."  - Mike & Gabrielle, Homeowners

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