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The Wedge Project

“Were there issues and hard decisions? Yes, but they were dealt with and we moved on. Mike was our site foreman, he treated the site like it was his house. This was not your standard house, it ended up to be three stories with one small suite, two large suite and a six car garage below with an elevator. We have all the luxury living you can imagine including everything each of us wanted. I tried to count all the companies and people that Todd introduced me to that were either working on site or in the back ground, I estimated it at about 125 people.

We live in the most beautiful, well construction building in Penticton. Thank you Taradar Homes for putting together this handcrafted treasure”


Phil & Diane

PS. It’s amazes me the amount of people that walk by our home and stop to look and admire the creation, The Wedge.


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